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Jam Master Ferg

THE DRAFT - Jam Master Ferg

Or more commonly known as the Lions super bowl and the favorite time of year for a “fan” like me. This is when you can let your imagination run wild and actually imagine a contending Lions team in your not so distance future. As for this specific draft, the crop of favorites for their first pick has already flopped around more than a dead fish for yours truly. Early on I was a big Eric Berry fan and would have been content having him, then I fell in love with this Suh fellow and was gaga for him. Throw in a brief fling with McCoy and I decided to go back to Suh. It’s looking more and more likely that each of these fellows is going to be available when we draft and even though I like one more than the others any of them would be a big bonus to this team. So as always I am looking forward to the Lions super bowl.

Jam Master Ferg

STAFFORD - Jam Master Ferg

There are a lot of differing viewpoints on this young man in this city. Although we can’t say for certain how he will turn out, I want to go back and give a little bit of applause for the selection of Stafford (not a standing O but a tip of the cap is more like it). I know most if not all the reasons people either didn’t want to draft him or still don’t like the pick but I want to focus on the other side. Although it still is very, very early the other candidates that were mentioned as picks are not looking like world beaters to say the least (I am talking about the man in St. Louis and the man in Seattle either of which would have been the pick). Another point is that this years quarterback class is not exactly filled with Marino’s, Young’s etc. and I believe I would still take Stafford over anyone this year. Add to the fact that good or bad Stafford got a year of experience under his belt as opposed to the incoming rookies should give him an advantage, no matter how small it may be. But as always time will tell.

Little Z

Right Direction - Little Z

Are the Detroit Lions moving in the right direction; it seems as if it may be the case. Just this week [ending March 6th, 2010] they have signed two new players. Lions Signed WR Nate Burleson and DE Kyle Vanden Bosch. The organization is taking free agency to a new level by actively recruiting the players they want for certain positions. Now, we won't know how this will turn out but at least they are striving for a goal. This makes fans feel better then with previous management decisions.


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