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Jam Master Ferg

TRADE DEADLINE - Jam Master Ferg

This was the deadline that maybe the nail in the coffin of Dumars legacy (at the very least for me) was made. In my humble opinion he had to do something this trade deadline and to be fair if he does somehow make a spectacular move this off season because somebody finishes this season very strong than I can give a little bit of leeway but not too much. He has shown too much loyalty to a couple of players whereas usually he is fairly impartial when it comes to most other players and this is going to end up hurting him. He needs to be able to have flexibility to at least be a player in this years free agent bonanza so that this team will be able to compete fairly soon and for a long time to come.

Little Z


Antonio McDyess, one of those people you just want see win a Championship. The man is a gentle giant. After three knee surgeries and all the rehab he has been through, it would be sweet to see him win the big one. Antonio has moved on to San Antonio to try for the hardware. I actually think the Spurs will not really challenge for this years NBA Championship. I get the feeling that Antonio will call it a career after this season ends, championship or no championship.

Jam Master Ferg

TEAM TROUBLE - Jam Master Ferg

Since the death of the owner of the Pistons there has been speculation as to what is going to happen to the team now that the widow wants to sell the team. Could the team move to another city? This would be a very sad day for Detroit if it did happen. I wonder what the former owner would think about all the events that have happened since he has passed.


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