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Artist - Highlighted Album Spotlight Track
The Romantics - The Romantics What I Like About You
Probably one the most underrated band's to come out of Detroit. The Romantics started out of the shoot with a smokin hot debut album with two top singles, "When I Look In Your Eyes" and "What I like About You". Their first three albums are power pop gems. They hit the mainstream mark on their fourth album "In Heat"; cementing themselves as a main act for years to come, only to be slowed down by legal issues. It's never to late to Bop with The Romantics!
The Romantics Web Site
Kid Rock - Rock'n'Roll Jesus All Summer Long
Kid Rock hit the ball out of the park for a home run on his latest album. He definitely showed that he can rock with best of them. The Kid is a fine country singer and can still harken back to his rap crap, hip hop roots. One the few new artists who constantly pays homage to older artists and styles. A great example of this is "All Summer Long" with it's Lynyrd Skynyrd and Warren Zevon sampling. His career is "So Hott", looking forward to some new material from this Romeo Bad Ass.
Kid Rock's Web Site
White Stripes - Elephant Seven Nation Army
Jack White and Meg White put together another uneven album that still has some great songs on it. Seven Nation Army pretty much makes it worth the purchase by itself. The unlikely hidden on the album is Meg Whites appearance as a vocalist on "In The Cold Cold Night", which is simply but lovely. The rest of the album seems to be made of diddies, regardless if they or more ballad inclined. There are no tracks besides the lead off (perhaps Meg's vocal track) which would make a White Stripes greatest hits album which normally wouldn't matter if the album as a whole was amazing, but these songs don't marry well.
White Stripes Web Site
Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies Hello Hooray
Alice Cooper, has had a long career spanning 41 years. Along the way he has managed to keep a strong connection to Detroit, always stopping by to play. Alice [Vincent Furnier] has also kept his love for golf, collecting Nixon memobrilia and enjoying baseball over the years. With the release of "Love It To Death" in January 1969, Alice had his first touch of major success with "I'm Eighteen". His career kept on moving along hit record after hit record until 1980; since that time I don't think Alice has been a driving force in the music industry. He continues to tour and release albums sparingly. Which is always awesome if you are a fan!
Alice Cooper's Web Site

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