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Little Z


The Detroit Tigers have made quite a few moves this off season by subtractions more than addition. Gone are Fernando Rodney, Placido Palumbo, Curtis Grandson whom all played an important role during 2009. The biggest addition seems to be Johnny Damon; a member of the 2004 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox and a member of the 2009 World Series Champion New York Yankees. Mr. Damon has been a fan favorite where ever he has played. Seems to be a great catalyst on both teams and played well during both Championship teams. Is that enough to make a difference in 2010 for the Detroit Tigers?

Little Z


I remember 2006 like it was yesterday! The Detroit Tigers made it to the World Series for the first time since 1984. Everything was in the Tigers favor until they won the AL pennant too early. That roll of success actually gave the Tigers the luxury of time to relax and rest; or so we thought. In the world of sports time off is only welcomed news if you have major/minor injuries to key players. If everyone is healthy it is the kiss of death for playoff success. The motor that keep the team running usually develops that mind set of "hey we can take it easy". As we found out the best team doesn't always win! If the Detroit Tigers didn't have that break, I do believe they would have been the 2006 World Series Champion's!

Jam Master Ferg


It's that time of the year again! Spring, which can only mean a new Major League baseball season is upon us. With spring training on the way, I always wipe the slate clean and can say the Tigers are challenging for the World Series Championship! They are tied for first place at this point of the season. So let's go Tigers and have a great year, maybe some Damon's karma will rub off on the rest of his teammates!


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